What We Do

Our Work

Feeding the Carolinas works in partnership with ten Feeding America affiliated Food Banks (regional distribution centers) to create a hunger-free North and South Carolina. Our members focus on serving and developing resources in their local community while Feeding the Carolinas works across both states to leverage food and financial resources for our regional food banks. We focus on our Farm to Food Bank program, engage in advocacy work, unite the voices around hunger relief, make the connections between food and health, and respond to our communities during times of crisis.

How We Serve

Feeding the Carolinas and its member Food Banks are prepared to assist our friends and neighbors with food and other vital supplies in the event of a natural disaster (or a pandemic). We serve as a “boots on the ground” organization and stand ready with our teams to help before, during, and after a crisis. Acting much like an Air Traffic Controller, we direct people and resources where they’re needed.

Serving in this role allows our member Food Banks to focus directly on feeding those in need.

Learn more about how to prepare, respond, and recover from a disaster.

Our Pillars

Advocacy + Policy

Our work includes focusing on the root causes of food insecurity and serving as our community’s voice in legislative issues that pertain to alleviating hunger.

Food + Health

Nutritious food plays a key role in the health of children, adults, and seniors. Well-nourished communities are empowered. We provide education, awareness, and resources to increase well-being.

Crisis Support

Our states are regularly at risk from hurricanes and other severe weather events. We’ve created a disaster plan and continue to identify and maintain relationships with other key relief organizations.


We develop relationships with government, partners, growers, suppliers, donors, and other nonprofits to acquire funding and resources to support food bank operations.

Farm to Food Bank

Millions of Carolinians lack nutritious, fresh food, while many farmers and packers often have surplus food that could help feed our neighbors in need. Our Farm to Food Bank program helps rescue and deliver produce across North and South Carolina and throughout the Feeding America Network of 200+ food banks. Produce partners can receive tax credits and deductions. We can handle your donation of any size and have access to a fleet of trucks, warehouses, and commercial refrigeration to ensure food safety and quality.