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Farm To Food Bank

NC Farm To Food Bank program

More than 1.8 million North Carolinians lack sufficient nutritious fresh food, while many farmers and packers often have surplus food that could help feed our neighbors in need. Our new Farm to Food Bank Initiative partners our food banks with growers across the state to rescue and deliver perfectly healthy but unmarketable produce to these hungry families.

We can handle your donation whether it’s a bin or a whole tractor trailer load. We can access a fleet of trucks, multiple warehouses, and commercial refrigeration to stage your donation as it makes its way to the hands of our hungry neighbors. Our goal is to fight hunger by providing more nutritious food by absorbing the agricultural surplus in North Carolina.


We welcome donations of produce that are “Perfectly Imperfect” but can still help a local food bank feed the hungry. These are typically #2’s that will not meet the farmer’s customer requirements. We accept donations of produce that are distressed, blemished, misshapen, unsalable, test products or excess produce.New tax laws provide opportunities for credits and deductions for farms and businesses who make charitable donations of agricultural products. Learn how your donation can become part of the solution to hunger.

For more information, contact:

Cindy Stapleton, Farm to Food Bank Director
North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks
Mobile: 419.308.9196